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Ben Zander - The hottest property on the management guru circuit. - Tom Peters

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Benjamin Zander's presentation takes an audience on a journey that offers a startling new perspective on leadership. Through stories, music and concepts it causes a radical shift in perception. This is not a speech, it is an experience!

In this new model of leadership, the conductor sees his job as awakening possibility in others. The orchestra is a group of highly trained individuals poised to coalesce into an effective whole. Passion, creativity and the desire to contribute are basic human instincts to be released.

World famous conductor, Benjamin Zander uses the metaphor of the orchestra and a life-time of experience conducting, coaching and teaching musicians to work his magic to overcome barriers to corporate productivity. This presentation sources fundamental changes in organizations.
Introducing Benjamin Zander Ben playing on one buttock
"If we could simply bottle it, and sell it as an elixir, not only could we make a few bucks, but also change the world."
- Eric Oddeifson, Resource Investments, Inc.

"If you want to liberate your soul, listen to Zander's Mahler. If you want to take your leadership skills to the next level, study the Art of Possibility with the Zanders. In his presentation Ben explodes traditional leadership thinking and takes leadership out of the closet. He blows the door WITH its hinges off that closet, and you can never go back after working with Ben. His leadership view is unconventional, irreverent and bold. Its impact is without boundaries. I have seen Ben Zander's teaching transform entire teams through Possibility in ways that are nothing short of magical with results that are nothing short of exemplary. He is a catalyst for Excellence."

Roseanna DeMaria
First Vice President, Leadership & Performance
Merrill Lynch
What people are saying about Benjamin Zander as a speaker?


"In his passionate, almost savagely energetic monologues, Zander leaps about the stage from his piano to a flip chart and back to the piano. He plays, lectures, spins tales, and pushes his audience to laugh, cry, and sing..."
- Polly LaBarre, Fast Company      Read More Here

"Trying to describe what Ben Zander does in front of a large audience is like trying to capture the essence of electricity -
it crackles, it sparks..."

"It's a powerful natural source of light, heat and energy, but what is it exactly? Perhaps elecricity is not such a bad metaphor; Benjamin Zander turns people on - to their own talent, to their relationships, to their lives.

Whether standing before a mob of corporate bigwigs or a small music class of teens, Zander uses music and his own exuberantly expressive persona to deliver his main lesson: how to live life passionately and fully in the vast and liberating realm of possibility; how to become braver, more open to human connection, more capable of expressing our deepest, most creative impulses…….. What distinguishes Zander is his dedication to not only living this way himself but somehow viscerally infusing people with the same vital currents of enthusiasm, confidence and delight that course through his own being"…

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The Practice of Transformation in the Psychotherapy Networker


"Dear Ben - The safe space that you created in that auditorium allowed us to experience self-expression in a challenging and nurturing way. You took a simple everyday act like singing happy birthday and showed us that by giving it our all (by giving it your all) we could move each other to tears of joy. I thank you for the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful lesson. I now carry the possibility of joy inside me."
- George Fuchs

Attitude: Radiating Possibility
Leadership: An Art of Possibility
Discover the Zanders' practices that will lead you into Possibility and give you a new way of being, of seeing, and a new way of contributing to the world around you...

"The Leader Is The Relentless Architect
Of The Possibility That Others Can Be"

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May 20, 2002

Dear Ben
We would not have been able to choreograph a better or more exciting ending to our Stores Leadership conference last week. Thank you so much for coming and sharing "possibility" with us.
Attendees haven't stopped talking about your presentation. You connected with
our people in many different ways: your stories touched and inspired, they also entertained and made us laugh. The managers were thrilled that you autographed their books, but even more telling, I understand from countless notes I have received that many of them read the book cover to cover on the plane ride back home!
You are a great personal example of living your life seeing the possibilities
that exist in people and the world around us. You have truly helped people at
Federated Department Stores to view the power of their leadership in a whole
new way. You are truly an "A" in our hearts and minds. And I know that I will
never listen to classical music again without thinking of you.
As one of a most appreciative and inspired audience, respectfully,

Sherry Hollock
Stores Leadership
Conference Coordinator
VP, Organization Development
Federated Department Stores, Inc.
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"Ben Zander's presentation was, literally, the most important contribution I've ever heard at a conference. Not only the music and the wit and the sheer fun, but the profound insights and wisdom. A moving and memorable occasion for all present. This was a breakthrough event in corporate creativity."

John Humble,
Leading Business Consultant,
Director of Mint Corporation,
Dun & Bradstreet Ltd.

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